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Day Camp / Hike

Unique to Alpine Canine is our 10,000 square foot Turf Indoor / Outdoor play yards with shade and self watering bowls. The dogs can go in and out freely, while playing with staff and their canine friends. This stimulates them mentally and physically so when they come home they are tired and relaxed. 

For the dog owners who want their furry friend to have more, we have our Day Camp &  Hike. This features all the Day Camp accommodations but also, if they qualify after screening, they get to join a pack on our 72 acre ranch to hike on 4 miles of groomed hiking trails. Near limitless open space for dogs to play and 3/4 mile of free-flowing water source. During the warmer months, spots for hiking can fill fast so be sure to book your spot!

Mobile Hikes

Alpine Canine offers mobile hiking also known as our Buddy Bus. We pick up and drop off your pup for a half-day or full day of Day Camp in addition to overnight boarding. The Buddy Bus is available Monday-Thursday. 

The Adventure Hike features three hours of off-leash exploration on our private property which is 72 fenced acres, over 4 mile of trails, and 3/4 mile of free-flowing water. We’re located just on the outskirts of Missoula making it a perfect location for your dog to bark, play and just be a dog.

Hiking - Riley


Elevation changes are modest to significant. Trails vary from single track to four-wheel accessible. This is approximately five hours of entertainment for your dog with pickup and delivery. Your dog can rest or play with canine friends during transport time having enough space in the vehicle for comfort. Register your dog today by filling out the New Owner form here.

Prices for daycamp and hikes can be found here

Alpine Canine Buddy Bus

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Alpine Canine overlooks Missoula on 72 fully-fenced acres near the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
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